Friday, November 4, 2011

Blue Fridays and Head Lice

Yes, this IS a schmexy post, indeed! NO, I don't have head lice. YES, I did wear blue today, as I will each Friday in November, to celebrate Diabetes Awareness Month.

I'll cut to the chase regarding the head lice. I've been busy zooming around different counties helping schools conduct flu clinics for the past month. Well, imagine my chagrin when I found out Wednesday that I would be in a lice-infested school one day this week! NOOOOOOO!!!!! Apparently, two of the schools had a quater of their student population suffering from these creepy crawly creatures. (In actuality, I find them fascinating, but I don't want to study them UP CLOSE and PERSONALLY.) So, the kiddos are cute and several of them want me to hold their hand or cuddle them on my lap whilst the nurse gives them their shot or nasal vaccination. I did it, OF COURSE, but... I felt terrible for trying to keep my hair as far away from them as I could. Some of them just melted my heart! Gah!  Okay, that's all I have for lice. Sorry, no terror story.  *Scratches head*

The fun part, I wore a blue streak in my hair, blue diabetes awareness bracelet (thanks to Kim), blue coat, blue sweater, and blue watch today. The sad part, well, I had to take it all off as soon as I got back from the clinic so that I could bathe and wash my clothes. I love you guys, but come on... I just can't get down with the lice.  *Scratches other side of head*


  1. Too bad you couldn't get your hands on a blue shower cap. :)

  2. Oh my gah! How perfect would that have been!?! Drat!

  3. Yeah, I would have shoved all of my hair up under a very tight hat. LOL Good for you for coming out unscathed!

  4. OMG lice! whenever any students at my school get it my head itches for a solid week! the hazards of working with small children...

  5. I am itching just reading this post - thanks a lot!

    P.S. I did put most of my hair up in a blue hair net while I used the blue spray to paint the rest of it :)