Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Exercise Really IS Medicine!

First, let me take this headband off... ahh, much better. Now my brain can get some much needed blood and oxygen. (Why do they make headbands so tight, anyway?)

Second, Oops, bgnow 177. Better get my BigBlueTest on. Be back in a bit.
Woohoo! bgnow 133! That's better. I'll do some more cardio when I finish this post.

You know what's amazing? Our bodies. I can't believe that 14 minutes of yoga/pilates, in my office no less, has the incredible ability to get my blood sugar back in check faster than a pill can. Exercise IS medicine! As least for me. I had a yucky headache, a tired back and bum, and slightly swollen feet before I exercised. You know what? I feel like 100% now! I barely broke a sweat!

Take 14 minutes. Do this for you. Whether you have diabetes or not, give yourself the gift of movement. Give yourself the gift of love. You'll be amazed!

P.S., You don't have to have diabetes to participate in the Big Blue Test! The first question asks if you have diabetes, answer "no", if you don't have diabetes. Your exercise and participation can help save someone's life!!!

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