Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The One Where I Cry Over Milk

Yes, yes, cliche', I know, but it's the truth! I got all teary-eyed in the milk aisle. It isn't the milk's fault, really. The fault belongs to the cookies sitting right beside the milk. I haven't had any cookies for over two months, not that I have missed them. I'm not a big sweetie fan, preferring savory flavors any time, any day. Somehow, though, those cookies just wanted to torture me!

I was already feeling pitiful and edgy, so the inability to just eat some cookies just bowled me over. Any guesses as to what I did?

Yes! You, over there, you understand me!

I totally bought some jelly-bellies and animal crackers. Yes, I lined the animals up in a parade-style line and marched them into my milk. Yes, the jelly-bellies are gone. I love Every. Single. Bite.

Best of all, my blood sugar never went over 115 or under 65!

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